WILLchá Flagship Store

The ideas of pillar-holding window at the door and the folded interior surface of the wall display system are derived from the element of oriental “folding fan”. We use a coherent method to coordinate all displays on the wall, so that the same material and performing elements are used throughout, and unique designs such as “acrylic U-shaped frame” has been added to make the entire elevation not only united, stunning, and pure, but also different from others.
The innovative elevation system not only forms negative space, creates a three-dimensional sense of light and shadow as well as demonstrates material opacity, it also carries out cultural conception and dissemination.
“Will” means want and hope, and “WILLchá” is a warm brand. It wants to expound not only the concept of idealism of a leaf but also the persistence that gradually shines into reality in efforts.
CUN shares the same vision as WILLchá. We hope that through this project, design can be used to convey a new consumption and lifestyle to contemporary young groups, deepen the connection between “Generation Z” and “Tea,” and let more young people experience and taste the unique charm of oriental culture.

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