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Eight cherry red interiors that make colour their primary focus

June 4, 2023 James Parkes 0

For our latest lookbook, we’ve picked eight interiors that are blanketed in shades of red that include an office in Belgium, a bar toilet in London and a mansion in Mexico. The colour red is most commonly associated with activity, passion, sexuality, love and joy. In this lookbook Dezeen has highlighted ways in which interior

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Capella hotel takes over former government building in Sydney

June 4, 2023 Kate Jacobs 0

Architecture firm Make and interior design practice BAR Studio have converted Sydney’s heritage-listed Department of Education building into the latest outpost from Capella Hotels. The adaptive reuse project involved adding a modern extension with curved glass corners to the building’s roof, set back from its sandstone facade to respect the original Edwardian Baroque architecture. With

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Revitalization of Jingde Shuijie Street / RAW architecture studio

June 4, 2023 Collin Chen 0

Jingde County is situated in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province. It occupies a central position in southern Anhui. Renowned for its pristine natural surroundings, Jingde County is recognized as a “National Ecological County.” Notably, in 2016, it became the inaugural “International Cittaslow City” in Anhui Province. The project site is located in the central area of the county town, at the entrance of the commercial pedestrian street. The site is adjacent to the Huishui River. It is also the last remaining small historic neighborhood in the central area of the county town. Currently, the structures within the site primarily comprise timber constructions dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties, accompanied by a few masonry structures that were erected after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. They are generally ordinary residential houses from historical periods and do not have any preserved cultural heritage status. The current state of the buildings is dilapidated, however. The primary goal and prerequisite of the planning and design are to evaluate the current physical form and preserve and restore the spatial layout of the historic neighborhood. At the same time, it is crucial to explore ways to introduce new commercial and leisure functions, allowing the neighborhood to once again fulfill the public life needs of the people of Jingde and sustainably revitalize with new vitality. This becomes a significant proposition in the planning and design process.

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June 3, 2023 Collin Chen 0

Based in the Netherlands, FRAME is a well-known media devoted to recording and promoting cutting-edge interior design, covering the design of products, home decor, material, and fashion. In 2020, FRAME magazine collaborated with Sunshine PR to establish an editorial branch in China and commissioned ARCHSTUDIO to conduct the interior design of the new office located in the Loft space of Upperhills, in the core area of Futian CBD in Shenzhen. The office is a workplace and also a platform to exhibit cooperative culture. Directly connected to Lianhuashan Park and Bijiashan Park, Upperhills enjoys facilities including an art theater, upscale apartments, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Galeries Lafayette, etc., presenting a unique international cultural and commercial atmosphere. The open and relaxing multifunctional urban space vibes of Upperhills fit well with FRAME’s open and inclusive media attitude.

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Brazilian architects renovate Brigadeiro Apartment for themselves

June 3, 2023 Dan Howarth 0

Architect couple Leandro Garcia and Amanda Dalla-Bona have renovated a 1970s apartment in Curitiba, Brazil, for themselves, reconfiguring the layout and choosing eclectic furniture. All of the electrics and plumbing needed to be replaced, and the floor plan was rethought to create “a place to pause and retreat”. Three bedrooms were replaced with two to

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Villa Number 75 / 3rd Skin Architects

June 3, 2023 Andreas Luco 0

The Architecture of No.75-VILLA is derived from the subtraction of volumes. The space is formed from aggregation and subtraction of pure masses focusing on spatial experience, in which the deformed solid geometry and subtractions add up to shape a vertu of voids co-responding to characteristics, demands, and designing outlooks. Voids are related to comprehension in a design that seeks to affect its users by managing the interior and exterior spaces and forming the reality of space and a place. The architectural form of the villa is shaped according to the void spaces, aiming at bringing them to the foreground to percept instead of the building’s closed spaces. The perceptual and visual void spaces are formed with an emphasis on transparency and permeability, A vacuity forms in the mass and amplify by utilizing materials. In the No.75-Villa, what is in the foreground is transparency and not the form.