What’s New in Revit 2024: The Dark Theme

The dark theme is a popular request on the Revit idea board. It’s good to see it in Revit, finally. Autodesk has been teasing us on social media, so it’s not surprising when Revit 2024 is released.

Before Revit 2024, we only can change the view background color. But the ribbon, properties palette, and Project Browser still use bright colors. The elements look sharp and inconvenient to see.

It looks different in Revit 2024 dark theme. It looks modern and very convenient for the eyes.

Using the Dark Theme Mode

You can change the UI theme in the Revit options. There’s a new tab: Colors. Open that tab. You can change the theme to dark, light, or use system setting.

Notice the canvas color options that used to be in the Graphics tab have moved here. When you change the UI or the canvas color theme, the other colors will adjust. It makes us easier to see selected objects in a different theme.

The use system setting option allows Revit to adjust the color to follow the Windows color theme. When you change the Windows color theme to light, Revit will use the light theme. And when you use Windows dark theme, Revit will adjust accordingly.


I’m quite surprised that the dark theme seems to be the most popular new feature.

The dark theme has several advantages over the light theme. It reduces eye strain and fatigue, especially if you work in a low-light environment or for long hours. The dark theme also improves the contrast and visibility of your views.

I do like it, how about you?