takeshi hosaka’s love2 house is a 19 sqm hut for a couple in tokyo

with a total floor area of 19 sqm, the love2 house by takeshi hosaka is a small, compact hut in tokyo that manages to cater to the needs of a couple. the detached, concrete residence incorporates a main frame complete with a round skylight, which ensures enough natural light within the interior throughout the year.

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drawing from choumei’s hojyo square (9.18 sqm), and le corbusier’s cabanon cabin (16.85 sqm) in cap martin as examples of architectural constructions under 20 sqm, takeshi hosaka has managed to build the love2 house in a 29.53 sqm plot and within a budget. ‘I wanted to realize in this small house the five elements that made the roman ideal for living in the villa: study, bathing, theater, music, gastronomy,’ explains the japanese architect, who built the house for himself and his partner. ‘every day I go to an open-air bath, enjoy 300 records at a sufficient volume, eat cooked rice in a clay pot, and read a book I like.’



although there is no direct sunlight during the three months of winter, the house’s conical roof concludes in a round opening that brings sufficient light within the space. during summertime, the direct sunlight enters into the interior, reminiscent of southern countries, creating an enjoyable environment.




project info:


name: love2 house

architect: takeshi hosaka architects

location: tokyo, japan

total floor area: 19 sqm

sofia lekka angelopoulou I designboom

may 07, 2019

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