No Sign In option During Autodesk Product Activation

If you purchase new Autodesk license, then it must be a subscription with a named user activation. You can’t use a serial number, and you can’t purchase a network license.

You should see this dialog when trying yo activate your software.

But if you don’t see the sign in option like below, how can you activate the software?

The reason why you can’t see the sign-in option is that your computer is not connected to the internet. Or at least Autodesk thinks that way. Your computer might be online but it doesn’t have a connection to Autodesk licensing service. It can be because of anti-virus, firewall, proxy, or other services block the connection.

The solution is to allow URLs and protocols required. So your Autodesk software can access the license.

Try to follow these two common fix:

  1. Which URLs/Protocols need to be allowed for Autodesk Subscription Licensing
  2. How to enable automatic proxy detection (WPAD) for Windows

After you follow the Knowledge Base, you should be able to sign-in and activate your software.