Minimalist Interiors That Display Designer Furniture Like Works Of Art

In these three stark minimalist interiors, designer furniture is carefully displayed like works of art. Each piece is given the space and platform to shine individually, while the background decor is knocked back with a laconic palette. Visualized by 0429 design, the walls, floors, and ceilings lightly meld into one peaceful volume, as in a pale gallery setting. In the first interior, black furniture items introduce edgy contrast and pink wall art brightens the mood. Limestone elements build subtle pattern and a high-end appeal in the second minimalist home design. The final tour is peppered with eye-catching events, from roughly broken archways and uniquely patterned feature walls to extraordinary tables and chairs.

This minimalist living space is formally furnished with straight-backed chairs and a matching bench seat. The straight, linear furniture silhouettes contrast darkly against a light beige background.

The sharp, square coffee table has a light colorway that merges with the living room area rug. Its travertine surface brings subtle texture.

A mature indoor plant adds an explosion of natural greenery to the muted decor scheme. The green leaves contrast vibrantly with wall art above the sofa.

The living room rug adds a moment of softness to the space, whilst the rest of the elements harbor hard, sharp edges.

Floating shelves and a wall-mounted storage unit are spaced evenly upon the living room focal wall. The cupboards keep clutter hidden out of sight. A restrained collection of books adorns the shelves.

Sheer white voiles hang at the window to filter strong sunlight. They also give the minimalist living room a more homely appeal.

The pale concrete floor screed melds flawlessly with the color-matched walls.

Out in the home entryway, flat-fronted, handle-free cabinets line one wall. A gap is created between the row of base cabinets and the wall cabinets to maintain the visual width of the narrow space. A piece of wall art adds a blush pink accent at the end of the hallway.

The bedroom is accessed just off the living room.

Inside the minimalist bedroom, another piece of pink-colored artwork makes a lively focal point above the bed. The bed itself is a pale platform design that melts into the pale floor and plain walls.

A custom-made desk and a unique desk chair slot in between the bed and the wardrobe. Lightweight drapes cover the front of the wardrobe in place of doors, which gives the piece a softer presence.

In the minimalist bathroom, the shower space is partially enclosed by an almost invisible, frameless glass screen. The bathroom sink adds a luxe limestone accent.

Apartment floor plan.

In our second minimalist home interior, black accents become dominant in the shape of a chunky black couch, coffee table, and chairs. See more black couch living room ideas.

A unique wall light burns brightly above the black sofa and a small side table. The stylish side table builds a column of beautiful black and white marble veining.

The modern coffee table has a layered design, which constructs a sculptural appeal. White-covered coffee table books fashion a contrasting coffee table centerpiece.

Built-in cabinets with bifold doors hide away a plethora of items, including the TV. With the doors closed, the minimalist living room maintains its laconic, streamlined image.

The other end of the open layout is dedicated to dining.

A small dining table is teamed with two black dining chairs and a built-in banquette. The wall-mounted bench is constructed in smooth limestone to match the minimalist dining table.

The custom-made banquette seat includes a run of storage cabinets at one end, which can be used to store flatware, carafes, and drinking glasses.

LED strip lights are installed around the perimeter of the room to create soft glowing illumination without direct glare.

The minimalist kitchen is a tranquil space with smooth limestone feature walls and flat-fronted cabinets.

Inside the bedroom, picture ledges fashion a monochrome focal wall.

The platform bed is color-matched with the dark floor to establish an imposing, dark side to the decor scheme.

A dressing room is located across the hallway from the bedroom.

A unique table lamp is perched on top of a chest of drawers to brightly aid clothing selection.

Built-in wardrobes are fitted from floor to ceiling. A small chair stands by to catch discarded clothing and to assist in putting on shoes.

A laundry area is conveniently included inside the bathroom.

A doorway connects the laundry and vanity area to the WC and walk-in shower space.

Limestone tiles clad the walls.

Our final minimalist home design is peppered with eye-catching furniture and decor statements. A large area rug holds together a wildly varied assortment of chairs and tables.

A marbled feature wall frames the living room TV.

A uniquely tufted sofa establishes a bold black accent in the room, while two chairs make independently contrasting statements in white marble and metal.

The window reveal is carved as a freeform, broken archway, which throws off the formality of the designer furniture pieces.

A multi-tiered modern coffee table design has a commanding presence at the center of the room, where its sharp metallic edges reflect natural light from the living room window.

A second abstract archway joins the sitting room to a formal dining room, and a third archway connects the kitchen beyond. Solid black dining chairs are framed in the unusual doorway.

The solid-backed dining chairs complement a bold dining table design with interlocking sides.

A unique black bench looks like contemporary sculpture against a pale gallery-like backdrop in the entryway.

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