Luxury Coastal Villa In Sasawane, India

This 929-square-meter villa in Sasawane, India, centers around a lush lawned courtyard that’s filled with trees and grassy mounds. Designed by architects ADND, the coastal villa serves the need for a strong family connection and builds a peaceful barrier from the external pressures of the world. The contemporary house extends around a 2-acre site, which is dense with diverse flora. The natural surroundings make the home a secluded haven, muffling the bluster of the outer environment. A meandering driveway weaves through the outer cluster of mature trees, before settling upon the grand front facade reveal. The home interior is a bright, glass box, peppered with larger-than-life artifacts and rustic, petrified wood elements.

The villa is set in the quaint coastal town of Alibaug, which lies to the south of Mumbai. The location provides a perfect getaway for the homeowner and their family. Two L-shaped volumes embrace an inviting central courtyard. The family also gathers to relax and converse beside a large swimming pool design at the rear of the property.

The front entrance has an impressive 20-foot wide steel door set inside a solid red brick facade. The large entrance door forms a dramatic, tangible divide between the sanctuary of the villa and the outside world.

Once beyond the red brick perimeter walls, the villa and its luxurious interior are revealed via huge glass walls and open voids.

Exterior lights atmospherically illuminate the red brick, glass, and concrete facade.

Roof overhangs shelter the open-air living spaces from rainfall and direct sunlight.

Resident trees weave in through the open structure, knitting the architecture with the natural landscape.

Inside the home, a double-height luxury living room is bathed in natural light. The vaulted ceiling is solidly clad in rich wooden planks, which creates a warm, homely feel. Down at ground level, a rustic coffee table provides an eye-catching focal point. White sofas flank the petrified wood table with both modern and traditional silhouettes.

High-backed lounge chairs introduce a pale blue accent color and a delicate floral motif. Small side tables support lamps that emit a cozy glow.

The outdoor living space is furnished with solid wood furniture and small rugs. The courtyard supplies a tranquil view of majestic trees.

A circulation corridor rounds the periphery of the courtyard. Terracotta pots adorn the paved pathway.

A stunning wooden chaise lounge chair provides a sculptural statement out on the terrace.

The courtyard design features rounded grassy mounds. A gravel bed works dark contrast around the edges.

The two L-shaped volumes of the home make a striking contradiction: One solid with clay brickwork and the other permeable with open voids and walls of glass.

Metal structural elements build a sharp and contemporary aesthetic.

One of the trees on the site could not be confined to the central courtyard. Instead, the preserved tree grows right through the terrace and roof overhang of the home.

Dense flora that surrounds the modern house creates a curtain of greenery, where birdsong rings out and butterflies flutter.

The elevated pool is encircled by lush palms, creating a beautiful tropical oasis. Large stones provide casual poolside seating and a convenient landing spot for dry towels.

The coastal location and weather plus the enveloping landscape and fragrances make up a dream setting.

Sweet scents of nature waft onto the terrace and into the villa via floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

Natural materials create a culturally conscious home that is cohesive with the tropical location. Light upholstery gives the home interior a fresh and clean look that is welcoming and modern.

The formal dining room features a square wooden dining table that accommodates up to eight people at meal times. A set of four large, black ceiling lights evenly illuminate the square table and create a commanding statement. Decorative vases fashion an elegant dining table centerpiece.

A live edge wood bed furnishes the first bedroom design. A wooden dressing table is teamed with a wood-framed wall mirror and a matching chair. Louver doors close in the built-in wardrobes. Crisp white wall paint freshly contradicts the natural wooden elements in the room.

The second bedroom is furnished with a stark black canopy bed that’s dressed with flowing white drapes. A high-backed bedroom chair and a small side table are set by the window to create a bright reading nook.

The first bedroom in the home carries a clean white decor scheme with edge-to-edge tiling. A huge wood-framed mirror dominates the space and creates the illusion of added width.

The second bathroom is decorated with striking green paintwork, which is inspired by the tropical landscape. An assortment of indoor plants draws some of those lush natural tones inside.

A slatted ceiling opens a small bathroom space up to natural sunlight. Rattan pendant lights descend from the slatted ceiling treatment to illuminate a wooden vanity unit and a stone vessel basin.

A wood-slatted ceiling accepts sunlight into the perimeter of this spacious shower room. At the end of the wooden vanity unit, the contents of a built-in planter bask in the sunbeams.

The final bathroom design is encased with concrete tiles. Two indoor plant beds create a unique, plant-lined runway toward a traditional wooden vanity unit with an integrated bathroom sink. A wood-framed bathroom mirror is framed by elegant glass pendant lights.

A pool room provides a fun hangout for the family.

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