Disrupting The Norm With Red And Yellow Accent Decor

Don’t you dream of shaking things up a bit and taking an exciting break from the norm? Well, you can take a walk on the wild side in your very own home with an eye-popping colour contrast decor scheme. In this trio of colourful home designs, we’ll indulge in the red and yellow colourway, delivered in confident accent pieces that uplift and personalise modern living spaces. With this bold colour combo, you’ve got to get the ratio just right, else you might feel like you’ve moved into a McDonald’s. So, step away from the burger and fries and pay attention to the importance of white spatial balance, bold black anchor points, neutralising neighbour tones, and counteractive patterns.

Visualizer: Mr Zhou Visual Design  

An elevated reading room looks more like a modern art installation inside of this living space, with its solid yellow painted walls and a single red accent chair. The neighbouring lounge sports matching red shelving units, whilst being grounded on a black living room rug.

A swing arm wall lamp extends over the curved contours of a white cloud-like sofa design. Red wall art draws colour higher into the vertical plane.

A unique coffee table design draws curves into the centre of the lounge. A glass vase filled with greenery makes a tall and elegant table decoration.

Black and white houndstooth upholstery makes a small lounge chair into an eye-catching room feature. The bold pattern counterbalances the saturation of colour on the opposite side of the room, whilst an expanse of pure white space makes breathing room in between.

A second expanse of pattern marbles beautifully across the TV wall in shades of yellow and green.

A white console unit quietly camouflages with the perimeter of the room, whilst a ribbon of LED light casts a subtle glow underneath it.

The lounge is lightly separated from the colour-saturated reading room by a wall of glass.

Sunlight from the large living room windows adds to the vividity of the yellow chamber.

The bronze chimney of a modern, cylinder fireplace cuts up through the marbled TV wall.

Around the corner from the fireplace, red artwork creates a hot focal point at the end of a plain white corridor.

Visualizer: vblackrender  

Red and yellow accent chairs make a powerful statement in the centre of this large and light-filled living space.

The bold accent chairs make a bright pairing for a stunning azure view.

Black window frames make stark contrast with crisp white walls. The monochrome backdrop allows the more colourful accent pieces to have their moment to shine.

A glass coffee table makes a visually light addition to the lounge space, whilst a soft grey area rug adds a subduing shade to the arrangement.

Next to the red and yellow armchairs, a modern sofa finishes off the lounge layout with a calm grey tone. A single red scatter cushion ties the couch in with the brighter colour theme.

In the corner of the lounge, a full length mirror reflects the bright accent chairs, doubling their effect.

Smaller red accents are introduced in the shape of an Oda floor lamp and abstract artwork. White space between the colourful accent pieces creates a calm balance.

A few coffee table books neatly decorate the glass coffee table.

A glass partition wall separates the living space from the hallway of the home, which allows natural light and ocean panorama to be shared.

The black framework around the glass partition serves as a weighty black anchor for the colourful living room dining room combo, and complements black linear suspension lights over the dining table.

The colour scheme in the kitchen is a more subdued affair, with tan leather kitchen bar stools and pure white units.

A white worktop wraps the kitchen island in a waterfall finish.

LEDs thread underneath the island countertop to highlight the breakfast bar.

Wooden accessories gently warm the ice white kitchen installation.

The full height of the room is utilised to maximise kitchen storage space. Appliances are integrated to achieve a streamlined effect.

Cut-away handles create a simple, fuss-free aesthetic.

Visualizer: Marina Golysheva  

This compact apartment offers a higher saturation of colour but in more muted tones. A small sectional sofa splits the grey lounge area from a brick red kitchen design.

The soffit above the living room windows is boldly picked out in chartreuse, whilst vermillion red drapes peep out subtly from behind light grey counterparts.

Grey upholstered furniture and a pure white area rug mute the rest of the lounge decor.

White wall panels make a sleek TV wall, which is darkly underlined by a contrasting black media unit. A single ceramic vase drops in a muted red accent.

Spanning out from behind the media unit, a mirrored panel creates the illusion of added depth in the small living room. A slender floor lamp adds a cosy glow to the corner of the lounge, where it gently illuminates an ottoman and a modern plant stand.

More indoor plants and sprigs of greenery make fresh contrast with the red decor elements.

The upholstered dining chairs are the Gubi Beetle chair.

A shapely glass vase makes a dainty centrepiece on the dining table.

The red kitchen is balanced out with a black and fluted glass curio cabinet.

Red grout defines the white tiled kitchen backsplash.

In the entryway, decor follows a crisp black and white palette, with only a solitary entryway shelf bringing in the red colour thread.

A black entryway stool pushes underneath the red floating shelf and a slimline linear suspension light.

A glass vase reflects prettily in a full length mirror. See more ideas for glass vases.

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