Blissful Interiors With Boho Notes And Travertine Accents

Elegance exudes from these two tasteful examples of modern home design. Chic and alluring in their light-filled refinement they are also welcoming spaces thanks to an infusion of earthy boho-inspired elements. Handmade ceramics, rustic accent furniture, naturalistic pendant lights, and boho rugs introduce relaxed pauses between the high-end larger pieces. These warm natural elements are smoothly complemented and upscaled by the luxury of stunning travertine interludes, in the form of side tables and coffee tables, kitchen installations, and bathroom fixtures. Wood slatted feature walls and ceilings cast contemporary focal points into one home, whilst our second benefits from the glory of wide architectural arches.

Visualizer: Nurlybek Mukanov  

The laconic living room of our first home design is compact in scale yet appears generously proportioned thanks to its lofty height and light decor scheme. A wood-slatted ceiling treatment brings in a contemporary texture that draws the eye up. At base level, A rounded sofa and two matching armchairs set down beautifully curvaceous silhouettes.

A rustic coffee table takes up the centre spot of the living room, placed upon a cream woven boho rug with a tasselled edge. An alcove is fitted with timber shelves to display handmade vases, bowls, and figurines.

A modern fireplace is set below a floating chimney breast that edges forth from the creamy wall stucco. A wide hearth holds a minimalist display of books and decorative items.

Between the curvaceous sofa and a lounge chair, a round side table introduces a smooth travertine element.

Between the lounge and the kitchen, a wooden dining table set seats up to eight people. Two mini dining room pendant lights fall above the long table, spreading even illumination from end-to-end.

The upholstered dining chairs make a mellow match with the cream stone floor tiles and add a glimmer of gold.

A modern fruit bowl makes a simple and useful dining table centrepiece.

Inside the master bedroom, a wood-slatted headboard wall constructs a broad textural statement behind a wooden platform bed.

A wall of wooden wardrobes matches the golden tone of the platform bed. A tonal bedroom rug brings out the beauty of the natural wood grain in the paler wood-slatted focal wall.

Modern wall sconces and electrical sockets are mounted onto an extruded panel that conceals the electrical cables. Bedside tables are integrated into the headboard design to simplify the bedroom layout.

A fluted glass tumbler prettily catches the light below the wall sconces.

The bathroom is an atmospherically lit space, which comes alive under the golden glow of a concealed LED strip behind the bathroom mirror.

The unique bathroom sink is made from stunning travertine, which gives the bathroom a look of luxury. A recessed shelf runs above the modern vanity unit, providing neat storage for daily bathroom essentials.

In the shower area, a wooden ladder shelf makes open storage for toiletries, washcloths and towels.

Dual shower heads make room for two.

A built-in shower shelf keeps shower gel and shampoo close to hand.

Visualizer: Anastasia Korableva  

In our second featured home interior, a large area rug pulls together a furniture arrangement of designer lounge chairs and a stunning white modular tufted sofa design. Two large arched windows sculpt an elegant aesthetic across the perimeter.

A round living room floor lamp complements the fabulous curves of the unique sofa.

A potted olive tree delivers a delicate spray of natural greenery into the warm white decor scheme.

The modern coffee table nests with a smaller counterpart to create a swathe of elegant travertine in the centre of the living room. Black decorative vases, candlesticks and a figurine provide dark contrast.

Grand double doors lead through to the formal dining room. A racetrack dining table is set upon fashionably fluted legs and surrounded by designer dining chairs that seat six.

A clear glass vase and a floral display make a chic dining table centrepiece.

An unusual dining room chandelier drops an extraordinary sculptural element into the room, which draws the eye in from the neighbouring lounge.

Modern track lights draw even illumination around the outskirts of the dining area.

A one wall kitchen runs along the back of the room, in a line of base units flanked by appliance housing at either end. A frame of travertine extends from around the backsplash wall and matching countertop to achieve a stunning stone statement wall.

Beside the kitchen sink, a carafe and tumbler set keeps the homeowner hydrated.

Double doors make an extravagant entryway into the bedroom. Inside the breathtaking bedroom design, relief bedroom wall art makes an eye-catching accompaniment for highly textural stucco. Another glorious olive tree adds a plume of uplifting colour.

Two wicker bedroom pendant lights hang a boho essence in the room.

Sheer white voiles billow in the breeze from a wide arched window. Beige drapes create a darker frame beneath a fluted pelmet. A comfortable chair and matching footstool are teamed with a floor lamp to fashion a cosy reading nook behind the door.

A row of rattan wardrobes are complemented by a winged rattan headboard design, the boho-inspired pendant lights, and a natural-coloured bed throw.

The wicker pendants are suspended above a luxe travertine bedside table, where books and a mini bud vase offer casual adornment.

Wood herringbone flooring creates a subtle pattern across the bedroom floor, whilst a modern area rug offers softness underfoot around the bedstead.

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