ArchDaily and the World of Architecture in 2023

Courtesy of ArchDaily

Courtesy of ArchDaily

As we dive into 2023 and start the Year of the Rabbit, we share with you a few thoughts of what the past year brought to us, and how we prepare for this new season.

During the past year we expanded our network as part of DAAily platforms, and with the future of the built environment as our mission, we became more aware on how to bring it to our daily content, considering how most of the challenges we are facing are converging into it. From the housing and energy crisis, to inequality, migration and war, everything is converging into the built environment, and we cannot abstract ourselves from it.

As architecture becomes a wider issue and more people not only become interested, but want to engage with it in an active way, we took the responsibility to open its black box and build bridges through knowledge by answering the challenging question of What is Good Architecture? in our first book, “The ArchDaily Guide to Good Architecture” together with gestalten.

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