51 Tripod Floor Lamps to Make a Stylish Lighting Statement Anywhere

Compared to their traditional counterparts, a tripod floor lamp offers three times the opportunity to make a decorative impact. This bold lamp style is best used as a statement piece – a tripod lamp is not intended to be tucked away behind a sofa or armchair, but actually reaches its full potential out in the open where its distinctive form can be appreciated. We’ve scoured the web to collect our favorite tripod lamp designs in this convenient buying guide, with something for every style and for every budget. Browse this collection for the inspiration you need to adorn your home with functional, fabulous lighting.


Contemporary Black Tripod Floor Lamp: With its slim tripod legs that cross toward the top, this floor lamp provides subtle artistic flair without overwhelming its surrounding decor. The barrel-shaped shade flares lightly outward for sophisticated classic appeal.


Black Metal Tripod Floor Lamp: The tapered metal legs of this tripod floor lamp cut a sharp modern silhouette sure to capture attention from across the room. The drum-shaped shade provides a perfectly minimalistic finish while giving the light a diffused atmospheric quality.

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Two-Tone Tripod Floor Lamp: Modern matte black finishes set a modern tone for this tripod floor lamp, the dowel legs capped with a natural wood finish for a touch of playful contrast. This piece is perfect for interior themes ranging from industrial minimalist to Scandinavian chic.


Mid Century Modern Tripod Floor Lamp: The black base of this tripod floor lamp is capped with a crown of glimmering gold – the perfect touch of luxury for an otherwise humble design.


Industrial Rustic Tripod Floor Lamp: This unique tripod floor lamp features a wire cage rather than a traditional fabric shade. The industrial cage offers a clear view of the bulb, perfect for those who enjoy the vintage warmth of traditional Edison bulb styles.

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Tower Tripod Floor Lamp with Shelf: Looking for a tripod lamp that pulls double duty? This luxury design by Hugo Tejada features an overarching frame that continues upward over the shade and downward toward the floor, supporting a convenient shelf component in the middle.

$700BUY IT

Modern Tripod Floor Lamp with Table: The unique Carry floor table by Seed Design makes a bold modern statement with its matte black steel construction and its minimalist shade, but also boasts an exceptionally functional side thanks to its built-in table component. The table is lightly lipped to keep small items from rolling away.

$1875BUY IT

Parc Modern Tripod Floor Lamp: Parc is a collection by Samuel Lambert and Adrien Rovero Parc that demonstrates a completely fresh take on the classic tripod lamp concept. This piece features three individual poles connected at striking angles, each one topped with LED lights within hand-blown frosted glass shades. This tripod lamp is a sculptural, architectural work of art that you can use every day.


Tripod LED Ring Light Floor Lamp: Ultra-modern design makes this tripod floor lamp an exciting addition to contemporary decor themes. Rather than a bulb and shade, this piece features a ring of integrated LEDs able to be spun and adjusted on a rotating head. The on/off switch is located on a foot pedal for hands-free operation.

$4245BUY IT

Superloon LED Tripod Floor Lamp: The dramatic Superloon tripod floor lamp is an innovative design by Jasper Morrison. This piece features a ring of integrated LEDs set inside of a silk-screened diffuser disc, casting consistent illumination across the surface. Adjustable intensity and color temperature allow for a customized lighting experience.

$398BUY IT

Eos Evia Feather Tripod Floor Lamp: Designed by Soren Ravn Christensen for UMAGE, the Eos Evia tripod lamp embodies classic luxury with its recycled goose feather shade – when illuminated, the entire shade glows like a cloud.

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Tripod Floor Lamp with Feather Shade: Get a little bit glam with this unique gold tripod lamp, its feather shade hanging from the frame like an impossibly soft chandelier. This piece is also available with a matte black base.

$126BUY IT

Brass and White Tripod Floor Lamp: A layered shade and prominent finial lend an ornamental look to this approachable tripod lamp design. Gold finishes gleam in the light for a high-end look.


Brass Tripod Spotlight Floor Lamp: This highly adjustable tripod lamp design allows you to modify both the height and the direction of the shade for effective directional lighting. Use in task placements like beside a desk or near a reading chair. This piece is available in brass or black.


Modern LED Tripod Floor Lamp: Three streamlined rods are capped with integrated LEDs, crossing at the top to provide 360-degree lighting. This piece is available in two finishes: brass/gold or silky black.

$1295BUY IT

Jonathan Adler Tripod Floor Lamp: Mid-century sophistication meets Art Deco appeal with the Caracas tripod lamp by Jonathan Adler. This piece features three individual sockets each diffused by milky white glass shades, brass accents lending a glamorous gleam.


Black and Gold Tripod Floor Lamp: A bold metallic gold shade makes this tripod floor lamp pop from across any room. The streamlined base ensures easy coordination.

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Brushed Brass Tripod Floor Lamp: Rounded triangle-shaped blades give this tripod lamp a strong textural appearance, the shade reminiscent of scales or glamorous sequins. Choose from three metallic shade colors or opt for minimalistic white.

$1699BUY IT

Flora Metallic Tripod Floor Lamp: The aptly-named Flora lamp features a shade made from sculpted metallic “petals” that, when illuminated, create a dazzling interplay of shadows and reflections. This piece was designed by Zanini De Zanine and is available in five luxe finishes.

$148BUY IT

Carmina Modern Tripod Floor Lamp: Carmina is a sculptural tripod floor lamp by Soren Ravn Christensen & Anders Klem, inspired by shifting dunes of Denmark’s shorelines. The unique shade can be positioned facing upward or downward. Choose from six exciting shade colors and two versatile base colors.

$930BUY IT

Grasshopper Tripod Floor Lamp: Originally designed by Swedish architect Greta Magnusson Grossman in 1948, the Grasshopper lamp remains a favorite among contemporary designers today. This highly adjustable design features a ball joint on the shade for directional lighting right where you need it.

$1344BUY IT

Tripod Floor Lamp with Hairpin Legs: Conceived by Danish design pioneers Hvidt & Mølgaard in 1953, this tripod floor lamp only recently achieved public production – now available to anyone who wants to enjoy an authentic approach to mid-century modern styling.

$2545BUY IT

Mouille Mid Century Tripod Floor Lamp: Designed by Serge Mouille in 1952, this tripod floor lamp was originally intended to serve as a pared-down alternative to the more complex lamps that were flooding the Italian market at the time – fitting perfectly with the minimalistic design visions of today.

$2360BUY IT

Carronade White Tripod Floor Lamp: The gorgeous Carronade floor lamp by Markus Johansson showcases a beautiful marriage between form and function. The spotlight-like shade is attached to the tripod base by way of a bent strip of solid wood, anchored by discs that allow the diffuser to angle upward or downward. This piece is available in a black finish with walnut details or a white finish with oak details.

$2131BUY IT

Foscarini Sculptural Tripod Floor Lamp: Ferruccio Laviani designed a true icon with the release of the Orbital tripod lamp – an instantly recognizable work of art that will turn the head of any guest. This piece features five lighting components diffused by abstract glass shades. Choose from white shades or a bold multicolor option.

$3486BUY IT

Dandelion White Tripod Floor Lamp: The delightful Dandelion tripod floor lamp by Richard Hutton is a modern design favorite that often makes its appearance on the pages of shelter magazines. The shade is made from many rings of laser-cut steel finished in a clean matte white. Razor-thin legs let the shade do all the talking.

$1125BUY IT

Lighthouse Floor Lamp with Lens Shade: Acrylic lenses make up the drum-shaped shade of the Lighthouse floor lamp, creating a dazzling optical effect as the light shines through it – creating many pinpoints of light similar to a crystal chandelier.


Silver Tripod Floor Lamp: Simple silver finishes make this tripod floor lamp a versatile fit for a wide variety of interior themes, especially those that follow a more conservative contemporary or transitional style. This piece is also available with a black shade or a copper shade.

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Crystal and Chrome Tripod Floor Lamp: The chrome-finished tripod legs of this unique floor lamp are encased in a sheath of transparent glass, a matching finial securing the white linen shade atop. Use to add a sense of understated glamour to any space.

$1800BUY IT

Ray Power Link Tripod Floor Lamp: Ray Power’s famous Link Floor Lamp celebrates unconventional geometry with its brilliant flowing shade. The shade is made from thin wood veneers, expertly manipulated to create the illusion of a continuous unbroken surface. This piece features a tripod base in versatile brushed nickel.

$715BUY IT

Sculptural Wood Tripod Floor Lamp: The sophisticated Duxbury floor lamp by Surya features a smooth tripod base formed from wood in a natural finish, each leg curving gently outward to provide stable footing. Choose from two drum shade color options. This piece would be a fabulous fit for interior themes like coastal, bohemian, mid-century, and Scandinavian.

$359BUY IT

Small LED Tripod Floor Lamp: Looking for something a little more compact? This short floor lamp features a curvaceous milky white shade that almost seems to bulge around the three dowel legs that support it. Use as an alternative to a typical table lamp alongside your favorite low-profile seating.

$845BUY IT

Belmont Walnut Tripod Floor Lamp: The solid walnut legs of this tripod floor lamp embody a classic look, while the capsule-shaped shade adventures into perfectly modern territory. This bold tripod lamp by Brad Ascalon is also available in oak.

$1916BUY IT

Tripod Floor Lamp with Table: Gabriel Teixido designed the Carla floor lamp to serve as furniture and lighting all in one, crafted with mid-century influences for a cool retro look. Use this piece in a standalone placement or use as a clever alternative to a standard side table or bedside table. This piece is also available in a black finish.

$265BUY IT

Natural Ash Wood Tripod Floor Lamp: This eye-catching tripod lamp is made from solid ash wood in a light finish, highlighting the beauty of natural grain in every detail. Use this piece to complement a mid-century modern, contemporary, or Scandinavian interior theme.

$598BUY IT

Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp: French waxed wood legs cut a bold silhouette, accented with brass hardware for a charming nautical look. This piece is equipped with a simple drum-shaped shade measuring at 20 inches in diameter.

$362BUY IT

Walnut Tripod Floor Lamp: Walnut-finished wood legs make this tripod floor lamp a suitable fit for contemporary and mid-century interior themes alike. This piece measures at 63 inches in height and accommodates a bulb up to 150 watts to provide consistent illumination across larger rooms.


Walnut and White Tripod Floor Lamp: Sturdy walnut-finished legs taper to a gentle point, giving this tripod floor lamp an especially elegant silhouette. The legs are joined to the socket by antique brass hardware for a striking mid-century look.

$1400BUY IT

LED Walnut Tripod Floor Lamp: Mischa Couvrette designed the Junction LED floor lamp with an expert eye for architectural minimalism. Integrated LEDs are built directly into the framing, facing inward to cast illumination through the body and into the room that surrounds. Choose from four wood finishes and three metal hardware finishes.

$1773BUY IT

Oak Wood Tripod Floor Lamp: This charming floor lamp strikes a vintage silhouette, the tripod base supporting a central rod that holds the socket and the tall, lightly-tapered lampshade. Choose from two sizes, both constructed from natural oak with a smooth satin varnish.

$399BUY IT

LED Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp: Classic wood dowel legs are given a contemporary update with the addition of a sumptuously rounded polyethylene shade, a material that takes on a consistent glow when illuminated.

$2710BUY IT

Slatted Wood Tripod Floor Lamp: Humble plywood is elevated into an artfully luxurious direction with the Shio floor lamp by Arturo Alvarez. This design is made from strips of marine plywood assembled into a slatted base and shade, leaving gaps where the light can pass to illuminate the room.


Rattan Tripod Floor Lamp with Shelf: Affordable, charming, and wonderfully functional – this tripod floor lamp has so much to offer. The base includes an open shelf for storage or display, while the woven bamboo shade lends a creative look well-suited to tropical and bohemian interior themes.


Tripod Floor Lamp with White Shade: If you love DIY projects, this tripod floor lamp is a fun and stylish option. This piece arrives in 72 different pieces that must be pieced together following the simple instructions – even the loops of the lampshade must be attached individually. The result is a gorgeous bohemian-style lamp that you can feel good about creating from the ground up.

$139BUY IT

Surveyor Tripod Floor Lamp: This industrial lamp draws inspiration from movie sets and photography studios. The surveyor-style base is fully adjustable to provide a fantastic range of height, from 37 inches up to 55 inches. The head tilts upward, downward, and swivels 360 degrees.

$119BUY IT

Spotlight Tripod Floor Lamp: This highly adjustable tripod lamp allows for customizable height and direction. Use to complement interior themes like farmhouse, modern industrial, and more.

$1999BUY IT

Ralph Lauren Nautical Tripod Floor Lamp: For a luxury take on industrial styling, this gorgeous tripod lamp by Ralph Lauren is sure to capture the imagination. This piece draws inspiration from naval searchlights, ideal for industrial and nautical interior themes.

$384BUY IT

Retro Marine Tripod Floor Lamp: Inspired by retro nautical lighting, this unique tripod floor lamp is sure to become an instant focal point for any space. The legs are crafted from dark-finished mango wood, the spotlight head forged from iron in a muted gold finish.


Silver Tripod Studio Floor Lamp: Satellite-shade lamps provide sophisticated indirect lighting. This simple piece features a dark cap that protects the bulb, directing the lighting into the concave dish so that it radiates outward with a soft and diffused quality. This piece is finished in silver with black faux leather details on the tripod legs.


Industrial Studio Tripod Floor Lamp: This gorgeous tripod lamp embraces a minimalistic look with matte black finishes, the inside of the satellite finished in a crackled gold tone to give the lighting a warm and inviting quality. This piece measures at just over 61 inches in height.


Satellite Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp: Bold industrial styling sets this tripod lamp apart. The bold legs are highly adjustable, making it possible to raise or lower the height of the lamp on a whim. Even when unlit, this piece is sure to make a dramatic visual impact.

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