51 Round Rugs To Update Your Rooms for Fresh Trends

Finding the perfect rug can be challenging, not the least due to the abundant market offer. While it rarely makes the first thought when it comes to room decoration, this humble piece of floor covering is truly an essential element. Visually, it can put the room together, or spoil all other efforts. Its utilitarian value lies in providing a warm, comfortable surface to lay your feet. Between the right style and color, there is a whole range of other features to consider: the correct size, material, purpose, pros, and cons. We have curated a selection of round rugs to light up your inspiration and help you find the sweet spot of usefulness and intrigue.


Sumptuous Pink Round Shag Rug: A super soft area rug, made of high-quality, heavenly fluffy velvet and sponge interlayer, is a perfect piece of functional room decor. It’s attractive, cool, and fashionable, at the same time creating a warm and comfortable space, suitable for children and adults likewise. Durable grip dots enhance friction, providing anti-slip quality. This rug can be used in kids’ bedrooms, nursery rooms, living rooms, or anywhere you wish.

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8 Feet Round Burgundy Rug: A multi colour round rug, in warm and earthy tones, is not only comfortable, but also durable and very attractive. Its Polypropylene fabric makes it perfect for those high traffic areas in your home. Even better – it’s also kid and pet friendly!


5 Feet Gray Teal Round Floral Rug: This floral chic is a certain eye-catcher. Calming charcoal/blue juxtaposes strong graphic pattern, making this area rug an excellent choice for your living room, dining room, or bedroom. It features serged edges for a clean look, highly recommended to avoid shifting. Low maintenance and easy to clean.


4 Feet Grey Round Rug: A geometric modern light gray round rug is discrete and intriguing at the same time. Neutral palette makes it suitable for multiple purposes. It’s piled from Polypropylene, with cotton backing, machine-made and durable. This rug does not shed; however, an underpad is recommended to prevent slipping and sliding.


Multicolor Abstract Coral Rug: Here we have the genuine conversation-starter. This gorgeous, colorful round rug comes with a great abstract pattern that can easily fit with any room of your house. Moreover, it provides a great way to refresh your room and make it fit the latest trends.


Round White Shag Rug: Inviting, soft, cuddly, warm… There are simply not enough words to describe this little, ultimately friendly piece of fabric. White color enhances its character, making it a perfect choice for kids rooms and nurseries, but it will also make a wonderful accent in your living room. This soft and silky rug comes with an overlock edge backing for extra durability.


6 Feet Green, Navy Blue & Teal Round Rug: The abstract motive of this rug takes the fresh elements from the natural world and turns them into a splash of color for your home. It’s comfortable palette provides a resting place for your eyes, while captivating everyone else’s.

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Discreetly Abstract Jewel Toned Round Area Rug: This colorful round rug features a subtle abstract pattern, non-imposing yet sufficient to get noticed. It will not shed, hence can be used for playroom, toddler, living room. His size, though, makes it a suitable choice for a dining room rug.


Navy Blue Round Throw Rug: Another ultra soft throw rug is enriched with leather-feel bottom, to provide a maximum convenience of use. It’s made with high-quality faux peacock feathers, in order to deliver strong tactile and visual experience. On top of that, this blue round rug looks more than cool.

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5 Feet Beige Round Rug With Burgundy Accents: This rug might be just what you need, whether you’re decorating a new home from scratch, or enhancing the beauty of your living space. Trendy appeal of the warm color palette is further enhanced by the rich patina of the special fiber. In the right size, it makes a perfect choice of a dining room area rug.

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8 Feet Braided Ultimate Gray Round Area Rug: Meet an indoor/outdoor rug designed to stand up to the elements while adding a touch of charm to your surroundings. This rug is kid and pet friendly and perfect for high traffic areas both indoors and outdoors such as patio, living room, kitchen, and hallways. A neutral color palette ensures this rug can be seamlessly integrated into existing décor.


6 Feet Brown and Gold Round Rug: Sumptuously rich and cozy hues of this rug tempt the viewer to grab a book and snuggle in the warm ambiance. Its golden accents and modern, abstract pattern will make an excellent focal point of the room. Also, durable polypropylene with cotton backing will not shed easily.

$200BUY IT

7 Feet Round Jute Rug: This hand-made, woven rug is made of natural materials such as jute, sisal, and seagrass. It will feel right at home in a beach house, but will not be a stranger in a city apartment as well. It’s versatile nature allows it to be used in multiple areas of the house.


Teddy Bear Kid Round Rug: With its cartoon animal, simple but modern design, this carpet adds a touch of elegance to kids room decor. It’s made of non-woven polyester fiber, resistant to shedding. The bear rug will provide your kids a super soft feel, keeping them warm and safe while playing.


Multicolor Abstract Round Area Rug: Elegant design and colors of this rug present a modern interpretation of 19th century antique Persian rugs. The viscose and polyester blend lends an incredibly soft feel for your feet, while the trendy abstract design makes a unique addition to any living space.


Ultimate Grey Round Area Rug: A high-quality polypropylene and jute fibers add durability and extend life span of your rug. The unmatched style of this rug will give your room a contemporary accent in Pantone’s Ultimate Grey. Not only will it add style to your house, it will also become your favorite for a long time.


Coastal Chic 4 Feet Round Rug in Teal & Brown: This washable rug features a striking, original design. The fabric is made from synthetic, anti-skid, non woven fibers resistant to soiling. It will also not fade easily, which makes an ideal indoor-outdoor rug even for sunny, coastal areas.


3 Feet Round Floral Rug: This traditional floral round rug boasts a contemporary vibe, making an ideal accent piece to tie any transitional décor together. The quality fabric is made of 100% virgin wool, easy to clean and maintain. Neutral color palette is suitable for a variety of spaces, from living room to bedroom.

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12 Feet Round Rug: This vintage rug features an intricate pattern that will seamlessly complement any traditional or transitional space. Short-pile propylene with a cotton backing makes a reliable indoor rug, easy to maintain and resistant to shading. Try it as a dining room area rug for bonus style points.


3 Feet Round Rug Cosmic Mandala in Turquoise and Coral: Unusual design of this colorful round rug adds fashionable, chic touch to any room as a great decorative asset. Its abstract contemporary pattern will fit the living room, bedroom, or bring joy to a kids room. At the same time, the sumptuously soft surface promises sublime comfort and warmth.


3 Feet Round Rug: Beautiful design of this eclectic, original, round 3-feet rug is accentuated by playful tassels. Its unique style will effortlessly upgrade your bathroom, entryway, kitchen, making a striking impact in small spaces. The fabric is 100% wool, soft, comfortable and convenient.

$120BUY IT

8 Feet Illuminate Yellow Round Rug: A luxurious shag in Pantone Illuminating shade of yellow will bring sunshine to your home even in the darkest days or nights. It’s a lush and soft, lavish pile of comfort. This extravagant rug is suitable for multiple use, including bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, and other.


3 Feet Round Compass Rug: This multicolor, non-slip round area compass rug will always keep you in the right direction. The fabric is made from high density memory foam, supported by non slip rubber backing to add durability and longevity. It’s soft and absorbent, soft, delicate and durable, designed to effectively relieve foot pressure.

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Round Natural Fiber Rug: A hand-made rugs carry the spirit of the artisans that created them, marked by subtle but individual differences that will fit with most styles to make an interior unique. It’s a perfect combination of style and durability, designed to convey effortless sophistication.

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Grey Vintage Round Rug: Bohemian, vintage round rug features a pink-and-cream border that encompases a classic medallion design on an ultimate grey field. It’s made of natural fibers, soft and pleasant to touch. This rug’s specialized loom construction ensures excellent value and quality.


Eclectic Brown Round Rug: Ethnic patterns are all the rage, and this design, typical for southwestern Native American Area, delivers. The brown and beige round rug looks unique with its high quality texture and fabric easy to clean. It is a very durable rug, ready to be used in a variety of interiors.


Optical Illusion Small Round Area Rug in Black & White: This optical illusion round rug provides a cheeky accent, impossible to ignore. It’s suitable for use indoors and outdoors, even on the floor and tables. The balck hole rug is made from polyester fiber material and non-woven fabric at the bottom to protect your floor.


5 Feet Round Navy Rug: From boho-chic to grandmillenial, this navy blue rug will put the story together in a charming way. Inspired by Persian medallion motif, it effortlessly merges vintage with contemporary. At the same time, resistant polypropylene offers comfort that is easy to maintain.


Beige Round Floral Rug: This attractive, multipurpose rug in discreet floral pattern is soft to the touch, and ideal for heavy-traffic areas. Muted, earthy color palette effortlessly fits into a range of spaces and styles, while the ith hi-lo texture adds a new dimension to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Braided Natural Fiber 9 Feet Round Rug : The handmade, flatwave, all-natural fiber rug is made of jute and sisal, ready to amplify any space with its rich earthy flair. A mix of soft and coarse texture makes a durable item that is still comfortable to walk on. For that reason, this eco-friendly rug is a great choice for high traffic areas.


Round Indoor/Outdoor Rug : Natural is the new black, and leafy patterns make vital elements of fashion-forward interiors. This indoor/outdoor rug boasts a sophisticated tropical vibe, ready to lighten up a gloomy day. With muted green and beige color palette, it will fit the garden as well as an entryway or a dining room.


Small Round Area Rug in Black & White : Black and white geometric rug is a striking accent, impossible to ignore. Strong, yet non-imposing graphics provide an inherently modern appeal to any space, while the soft pile hosts your feet with warm comfort and safety.

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Shades of Grey Round Area Rug : For those who prefer more powerful, statement accents, this monochrome geometric round rug packs quite a punch. Strong contrasts, from lightest to darkest shades of gray add a hint of drama, while its half-inch pile offers a comfortable and convenient traffic surface. This round area rug is also shad-resistant and easy to maintain.

$180BUY IT

Coral Round Rug : Tufted, soft, handmade rug brims with fire shades, from orange and coral to deep red, while the neutral base ensures enough balance to go easy on the eye. The softness feels great under your feet, and the stripy design puts all elements together to highlight almost any room.

$127BUY IT

7 Feet Round Area Rug in Earthy Tones : Elegant, muted but powerful design of this 7-feet round area rug will enhance your living space with a chic, modern flair. A stylish floral pattern and luxe texture elevate the both visual and tactile qualities of the interior, delivering a warm, inviting feel.

$117BUY IT

Turquoise Brown 6 Feet Round Area Rug : If you need a perfectly cozy rug, this one will surely deliver. It’s stylish, versatile, while the handmade polypropylene makes it also durable enough to withstand frequent traffic. The soothing color palette makes it a smart choice for a bedroom or home office, too.

$112BUY IT

8 Feet Abstract Round Burgundy Rug : Abstract design with a neutral base and burgundy accents is a perfect opportunity to enhance room dynamics and jazz things up by placing a focal point on the floor. This 8-feet round rug will find its ideal home in minimalist, modern interiors, anywhere from living room to a bedroom.

$470BUY IT

11 Feet Round Gold Rug With Marble Effect on Ultimate Grey : Real marble is gorgeous, but cold and often not very budget-friendly. A marble-patterned rug presents an ideal replacement, warm, soft, and effortless to incorporate in a room. Golden veins on ultimate grey will bring a fashion-forward factor and fit many different styles.


Abstract Teal and Brown, Earthy-Toned Round Rug : Besides visual, rugs also need to provide utilitarian quality, and this one presents a perfect base for a high trafficking area inside your home. It’s medium pile height helps to keep dirt and debris from settling in, while the strong earthy palette makes a statement that is as practical as it is appealing.


Multicolor Turquoise Teal Round Area Rug : This rug features an artistic, hypnotic appeal, perfect for accentuating. It’s soft pile is crafted of textiles and natural fiber yarns, warm, convenient, and easy to maintain. If you’re looking for an affordable masterwork for the floor, this turquoise-based round rug will deliver.

$127BUY IT

Brown Round Rug : Another convenient piece for rooms with a high traffic flow, this brown rug is great for entryways and other frequented areas. It’s unusual, contemporary design fits well with neutral schemes, but will also stand as a solid background for vividly colored furniture pieces.


Round Turquoise Mandala Indoor/Outdoor Rug : A few designs feature so much eclectic charm as a mandala. This round turquoise rug is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, resilient and durable, ready to decorate the deck sitting area as well as to shake up the living room setting.

$2,465BUY IT

Round Mandala Rug : A unique rug boasts a Hindu floral design rooted in a long tradition. Its pattern comprises flower petals, leaves and symbols, and is believed to offer protection and luck. It can be placed as a welcoming floor cover at the entrance of houses, or as a striking statement in the center of a living room.

$130BUY IT

Round Outdoor Rug : This round braided rug is a practical combination of refined style and resilient staying power. While it’s perfect for use on the patio, it will easily find its place indoors. Place it anywhere you need to protect flooring in high-traffic areas.

$615BUY IT

Round Ivory Rug : This sophisticated round rug is made from natural materials. Its design is a result of specific construction, comprising small pieces of hair-on hide, stitched by hand to create the structured final pattern. It will make a chic addition with high quality to any decor or style.

$348BUY IT

Round Woven Rug : Beautiful and sustainable, this natural round woven rug is a soft mix of cotton and jute. The exquisite texture delivers cozy convenience, while its distinctive pattern and round shape add dimension, making the room feel more spacious.

$398BUY IT

Light Navy Blue Round Dining Table Rug : This beautiful and environmentally-friendly round dining room rug rug is made of recycled denim, mixed with soft wool. Randomly mixing stonewashed pieces, expertly put together by hand, resulted in having no two rugs alike. Its casual chic is also durable, cozy, and suitable for any space and style.

$795BUY IT

Multicolor Round Rag Rug : This vibrant, round wool rug adds a joyful pop of color to highlight any interior. Each small single colorful ball is felted by hand, using traditional craft methods. The balls are arranged on a string in the same manner that makes pearls necklaces. This smiling round rug will surely boost the mood of a living room, or become a favorite element of a kids room.

$3,220BUY IT

Brown Round Mandala Rug by Neal Peterson : A part of Neal Peterson’s Urban Mandalas collection, this rug bursts with the vibrancy of Mexico captured in its pattern and color scheme. Its two versions, a luxurious tufted wool or a synthetic polyamide, deliver high quality, fading resistance, and a striking appeal hard to forget.

$2,880BUY IT

Floral Round Dining Table Rug by Marcel Wanders : An undeniable eye-catcher, this gorgeous round rug from Moooi turns your floor into a large bouquet of vivid flowers. The Eden Queen Round Rug is an homage to 17th Century Dutch master painters, inspired by their distinguished use of color and light. Both wool and polyamide versions provide sumptuous quality, ready to pose as any space’s ultimate focal point.

$6,340BUY IT

Celestial Navy Blue Round Rug by Edward Van Vliet : Take a galaxy and put it under your feet. This deep navy blue round rug designed by Edward Van Vliet is intriguing and beautiful with its constellations, geometric shapes and simple yet effective contrasts guaranteed to resist fading. The cosmic rug is available in wool and polyamide versions and various sizes.

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