51 Outdoor Rugs to Make Your Patio Feel Like Home

Make your outdoor living spaces feel just as welcoming as your interior by centering your furniture arrangements with a comfortable outdoor area rug. In this post, we’ve collected our favorite outdoor area rug designs sure to elevate the atmosphere of a patio, balcony, poolside, or sunroom. Each one is made from strong weather-resistant materials to withstand the elements for all-season style. Explore styles ranging from bohemian chic to modern minimalist, and even themed selections like floral and nautical. There’s something here for every outdoor gathering space.

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Gray Trellis Outdoor Rug: Outdoor area rugs can be made to closely mimic the look of their indoor counterparts and this beautiful design is a fantastic example. This piece features a loose trellis pattern rendered in plush raised loops, framed by striped borders on each end. Use to bring a casual on-trend element to covered outdoor spaces.

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Grey and Black Woven Outdoor 8×10 Rug: Breezy ticking stripes lend a decorative element to this high-end outdoor rug without overwhelming the eye. This piece is flatwoven entirely by hand, its yarns derived from recycled plastics for eco-friendly appeal and excellent resistance against weather and wear. Choose from seven versatile sizes.


Minimalist Striated Grey Outdoor Rug: Light sweeping bands of color make this outdoor rug an especially versatile addition to your outdoor living environments. This piece is made from strong polypropylene, resistant against weather and staining for long-lasting style in any setting. Use as a subtle way to underscore your exterior living spaces.

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Textured Grey Outdoor Rug: Strong texture can lend an artistic element to any outdoor area rug. This chic modern design features plush tufts against a flatwoven base, the pattern reminiscent of crocodile skin. Choose from five sizes ranging from small balcony-friendly pieces to expansive patio floor coverings.

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Greyscale Fringed Outdoor Patio Rug: Give your patio an adventurous globetrotting aesthetic with this beautiful greyscale outdoor rug, its geometric patterns establishing an eye-catching rhythm sure to elevate the look of any space. Fringes cap each end for boho-chic appeal. Strong polypropylene construction allows for easy maintenance so your rug can maintain its clean appearance all season long.

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Ivory and Black Outdoor Rug: Zig-zag patterns make this outdoor area rug really pop. Choose from three colorways, each one available in two different sizes for comfort.

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Plaid Black and White Outdoor Rug: Bold gingham plaid ensures this rug will stand out in any outdoor setting – a fantastic way to enjoy the buffalo plaid trend within your patio decor. This piece is fully machine-washable in addition to being resistant against weather and staining. For a complete refresh, simply run the rug through a regular wash on any standard washing machine.


Geometric Patterned Outdoor Rug: Choose from six size options and four contemporary colorways to make your patio arrangement look crisp, fresh, and dazzling with this exciting rug design. This piece is crafted with a practical flatwoven pile from synthetic materials that resist damage from water, sunlight, and heavy foot traffic.

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Black and White Striped Outdoor Rug: It’s hard to go wrong with simple stripes. This attractive design boasts an artisanal element that provides a surprising twist to its uncomplicated aesthetic – each one is handwoven by skilled weavers using traditional techniques. Sizes range from a front-door friendly 2×3 to an expansive 10×14.

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Pappelina Striped Outdoor Rug: This exquisite area rug is crafted in Dalarna, Sweden, by renowned textile house Pappelina. This design is flatwoven using traditional looms but modern materials, crafted from PVC ribbon pure enough that the material was approved for use in the food industry. Feel confident using this piece outdoors and in demanding indoor placements as well.


Striped Black and Dark Grey Outdoor Rug: Black and charcoal stripes give this outdoor area rug a sleek modern look, the deep tones especially good at hiding soil between cleanings. But, if you want something with a bigger pop, this piece is also available in three other color palettes as well.


Black and white Outdoor Runner Rug: Runners are fantastic for narrow outdoor spaces like small balconies and they’re also useful for highlighting pathways from one functional outdoor area to another. This budget-friendly selection is flatwoven with an intricate traditional pattern, rendered in high-contrast black and white to make an eye-catching visual statement.


Traditional Black and Gray Outdoor Rug: Want to give your exterior a sophisticated, home-like look? Consider investing in a traditional rug design that looks like it came straight out of an exquisitely-appointed living room. This piece is available in greyscale or light uplifting blue. Choose from five versatile sizes.

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Machine-Washable 9×12 Outdoor Rug: Ruggable rugs are especially remarkable because even the largest sizes can be washed in standard home washing machines – even this spacious 9×12 rug design can be washed at home if your washing machine has a capacity of at least 4.2 cubic feet. If not, then rest assured that each one is easy to spot clean with a garden hose and a touch of mild detergent.

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Bohemian Outdoor Rug with Fringe: This beautiful Moroccan-style outdoor rug is handwoven by skilled artisans just like the finest rugs you would place inside of your home. The fibers are derived from recycled plastics, spun into super-plush yarns that mimic the soft touch of natural wool.

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Reversible Striped 8×10 Outdoor Rug: Handwoven from strong recycled PET yarns, this beautiful indoor/outdoor rug offers luxurious quality at an approachable value. This piece is fully reversible for twice the wear – display the side with dark stripes on a light base to establish an uplifting impression or flip the rug over to showcase the side with light stripes over a dark base.

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Lemieux et Cie Outdoor Area Rug 8×10: A subtle pop of color can pull together any outdoor decor theme. This rug is a design from Lemieux et Cie, handwoven from weather resistant PET for excellent performance outdoors. Choose from five versatile sizes to suit any setting.

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Patterned 8×10 Indoor Outdoor Rug: Ultrafine detailing offers so much to admire in this handwoven outdoor area rug. Rhythmic black lines intermingle with red yarns for a pop of understated color, offering tasteful coordination possibilities with your outdoor furniture selections. Choose from four sizes.

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Nanimarquina Shade Outdoor Rug: Luxury textile house Nanimarquina is famous for producing some of the most beautiful and iconic rugs on the contemporary design scene today, and now a curated selection is available for the outdoors as well. The beautiful Shade rug features a calming palette of color woven into smooth gradients, available in four vibrant colorways to coordinate with a wide variety of outdoor themes.

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Ticking Stripe Red Outdoor Rug: Add a bold pop of color to your patio decor theme with this simple striped design by Gertmenian, available in five eye-catching yet versatile colorways. It’s available in five sizes to suit a wide variety of patio, balcony, or poolside furniture arrangements.


Orange Geometric 4×6 Outdoor Rug: Vibrant, reversible, and crafted strong to keep up with your most demanding outdoor placements, the bold Tillie rug is sure to delight in any setting. Use this bright orange accent to lend energy to exterior themes that emphasize graphic modern styling.

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Colorful Moroccan Outdoor Area Rug: Bring a festive atmosphere to your favorite outdoor spaces with this vibrant area rug in red, yellow, and blue. The patterns stand out from the surface with a soft tufted texture just like today’s trendiest indoor rugs. Choose from three sizes.

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Reversible Geometric Outdoor Yellow Rug: Sunny yellow is a color that goes well with any outdoor theme, easy to coordinate with decor for every season. This design features a geometric diamond trellis with stepped lines reminiscent of southwestern motifs. This piece is available in four practical sizes.


Chevron Blue and Yellow Outdoor Rug: This outdoor area rug features a sturdy low-woven base, decorated with geometric chevron stripes that pop from the surface with a soft and satisfying pile. Use to decorate comfort-centric outdoor spaces like intimate balconies and cozy seating spaces.

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Geometric Yellow 6×9 Outdoor Rug: Enjoy twice the decorative potential with this reversible area rug design, featuring yellow and ivory geometric patterns that switch places on each side. This design is made entirely from recycled plastics – eco friendly and easy to enjoy.

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Colorful Outdoor Rug Floral Pattern: Love gardens but lack the green thumb required to pull one off? This rug design makes it easy to enjoy vibrant blossoms anywhere. The surface features a high-low pile that brings even more definition to every detail, comfortable underfoot yet rugged against the elements for outdoor display.

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Tommy Bahama Green Outdoor Rug: Light patterns give this outdoor area rug a natural yet slightly adventurous look, available in four adaptable colors sure to suit the most common outdoor palettes. Each one is crafted from high quality weather-proof fibers, flatwoven for easy upkeep and dependable longevity.


Bright Tropical Outdoor Rug: Create your own tropical paradise just about anywhere with this hardwearing indoor/outdoor area rug decorated with exceptionally intricate tropical flowers and foliage. This piece is available in seven different sizes and three different shapes. Thin-woven construction means that it can support furniture evenly and can allow nearby doors to pass over the top without trouble.

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Tropical Teal Outdoor Rug: Muted teals and pale yellows give this tropical area rug a more refined, understated aesthetic well-suited to modern patio themes. This super-practical design is completely machine-washable so you can enjoy a like-new look any time you want.

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Washable Tropical Outdoor Rug 5×7: A large scale tropical leaf pattern draws attention to painterly, watercolor-like splashes of teal and blue. This is a smart Ruggable outdoor rug, able to be washed in any standard washing machine. Choose from five sizes.

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Liora Manne Mykonos Indoor Outdoor Rug: Rugs designed by Liora Manne area known for their rich painterly color, hand-hooked with expressive beauty in every detail. This beautiful design features layered colors in a rich blue palette, expressed in a blend of polypropylene and acrylic yarns for excellent weather resistance.


Safavieh Turquoise Outdoor Rug: It’s hard to go wrong with a simple solid rug design. This piece features a soft aesthetic with lightly heathered striations in light and dark blue – also available in aqua, beige, dark blue, and rusty red. Choose from a diverse variety of size options to fit any outdoor setting.

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Cross Pattern Washable Navy Outdoor Rug: Tiny plus-shaped patterns decorate the surface of this sleek modern outdoor rug. Choose from navy or black – both perfect for contemporary, nautical, and Scandinavian outdoor decor themes. This design is machine washable for easy upkeep.

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Nautical Fish Outdoor Area Rug 8×10: A playful school of white fish swim across the surface of the Vivienne area rug by nuLOOM, ideal for coastal patios and fun nautical decor themes. This piece is available in a range of sizes from 2×4 to 8×10. Unlike the more common flatwoven outdoor rug design, this piece is made with plush loops for welcoming comfort underfoot.

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Large Blue Seashell Outdoor Rug: Large-scale seashell patterns give this outdoor rug an artsy, beachy vibe. Use to complement coastal settings and nautical themes. Low-profile polypropylene construction ensures dependable durability for display throughout the seasons.

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Large Round Sea Coral Outdoor Rug: A playful coral-inspired border skirts the edges of this sophisticated outdoor area rug design, available in round and rectangular formats to suit a wide variety of patio arrangements. Use indoors or outdoors.

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Plaid Blue Outdoor Rug: Large-scale plaid patterning gives this outdoor rug a sophisticated, fashionable look – a design for the style savvy. This piece is crafted from eco-friendly PET derived from recycled plastics, the yarns soft for barefoot comfort. Choose from four sizes to best suit your intended application.

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Quatrefoil Outdoor Area Rug: This area rug features a classic pattern that fits easily with almost any decor theme. Choose from nine color options and dozens of sizes – there’s something here for every balcony, patio, sunroom, or poolside deck. This sophisticated design would even look right at home in highly demanding indoor spaces like kitchens, laundry rooms, and more.

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Colorful Mosaic Large Outdoor Rug: Inspired by floral mosaics, this gorgeous Nourison rug dazzles with its oversized pattern and its energetic coloration. This piece is available in two sizes, both square-shaped, each one made from pure polypropylene to resist the elements even in exposed outdoor spaces.

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Colorful 5×7 Outdoor Rug: This modern striped area rug pops with incredibly rich texture and super vibrant color. The base is flatwoven from versatile ivory, the patterns raised in a fluffy pile in highly saturated shades of blue, green, and orange. For a more subtle look, this piece is also available in a greyscale palette.

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Pink and White Outdoor Rug with Fringe: Traditional rug patterns are reimagined in soft pastels to give this outdoor rug an especially on-trend aesthetic. Each one is handcrafted from recycled plastic water bottles, preventing plastics from entering the ocean while bringing exquisite style to your patio or balcony. This wool-soft indoor/outdoor rug is available in a diverse range of standard sizes up to 12×15, but is also available in custom sizes as well.


Tan and Pink Boho Outdoor Rug: Wavering zig-zag lines stripe across the rug from side to side, rendered in light shades of salmon pink over sandy tans. Use to bring a casual sense of boho-chic charm to your favorite outdoor spaces. Each one is made from 100% recycled plastic, resistant against fading and wear.

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Floral Round Outdoor Rug: Bloom puts a playful spin on the round rug concept, its edges cropped to create a fun floral silhouette. This piece is crafted from recycled water bottles worked into yarns so soft that you might mistake them for wool. Hand-tufted construction adds an artisanal touch.

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Unique Loom Abstract 10×12 Outdoor Rug: Azera is an outdoor area rug that looks like watercolor paint on canvas, an artistic piece that can coordinate easily with decorative themes like floral, abstract, traditional, and more. It’s easy to clean and fully resistant against the elements for excellent longevity.

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Cozumel Vibrant Striped Outdoor Rug: A spectrum of intense color makes this area rug an especially eye-catching design worth exploring. Choose from two colorways – one saturated, the other pastel. With a palette this diverse, you’ll have no trouble finding flattering coordinates for your patio pillows and upholstery.

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Riohacha Striped Outdoor Rug: Ultra-fine stripes cycle through every color of the rainbow, interspersed with graphic black for a saturated effect and uplifting white to create soft pastels. This luxurious design by Missoni Home is woven from 100% polyester for dependable performance within any of your outdoor spaces.

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Handwoven Cream Outdoor Area Rug: Strong texture sets this outdoor area rug apart from the rest. This piece showcases an elevated take on the simple solid concept and instead captures attention through its thick jute-like weave. Each one is handwoven with skill and precision.

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Outdoor Faux Jute Rug: Jute rugs do not play well with water, making them an unsuitable choice for most outdoor settings. This smart design by nuLOOM mimics the look of natural jute, crafted from weather-resistant polypropylene for durable display indoors and outdoors alike. Choose from a wide range of sizes and six handsome colorways.

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Earth Tone Outdoor Rug: Earthy outdoor rugs coordinate well with almost any patio furniture theme. This piece features stripes of intricate geometric patterns, its tone-on-tone composition subtle but sure to beckon second glances. This piece is available in a wide range of sizes, including runners.

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Geometric Beige 8×8 Outdoor Rug: Contemporary geometric patterns give this outdoor area rug a sense of rhythmic energy. Choose from seven colors – some neutral, others vibrant – to find the perfect fit for your patio decor.

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Nanimarquina Tres Outdoor Rug: Luxury textile house Nanimarquina brings the beauty of handcrafted modern dhurries to outdoor spaces with this weather-resistant version of the iconic Tres series. Each one is made from recycled PET derived from plastic bottles. Use at the poolside, on the patio, or on a stylish balcony. Choose from two colorways and two sizes.

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