51 Living Room Chandeliers for Effective Illumination with Unforgettable Style

Living room elegance is only a chandelier away. Finding the right living room chandelier can be a tricky prospect, with sizing just as important as style. Determine what size of chandelier you need for your living room by adding together the length and the width of your room, then converting that figure into inches. To determine height, your chandelier should measure three inches for every foot between the floor and ceiling. And how low should your chandelier hang? Simply leave at least seven feet beneath the chandelier, raising that minimum height by three inches for every foot of ceiling height above eight feet.

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Black Traditional Living Room Chandelier: A candelabra-style chandelier is a timeless staple sure to give any living room just the right hint of sophisticated formality. This accent features a contemporary silhouette, requiring nine candelabra-style bulbs to provide gentle illumination. This chandelier measures at 30 inches in diameter and 32 inches in height.

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Shaded Living Room Chandelier: Shaded chandeliers can provide a gentler lighting experience well-suited for living rooms with a more intimate atmosphere. This contemporary design features four smoothly curved arms in black capped with a classic white shade. This chandelier measures at 40 inches in diameter to suit high ceilings and large rooms.

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Large Iron Living Room Chandelier: Piaf Grande is a tremendous chandelier that measures at an impressive 58 inches in diameter, well-suited for even the largest living rooms and open concept living spaces – the streamlined silhouette allows this piece to impress with its scale without overwhelming the room.

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Black Wagon Wheel Living Room Chandelier: Wagon wheel chandeliers offer a delightful departure from the expected, providing well-distributed illumination with a lighter silhouette. This piece measures at 47 inches across and 34 inches in height, ideal for rooms with tall ceilings.

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Black and White Modern Living Room Chandelier: Frosted white globes help to diffuse the lighting from this dramatic chandelier design, casting even illumination without any harsh glares. This is a six-bulb chandelier that measures 36 inches across, equipped with a swivel canopy for installation on flat and sloped ceilings alike.

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Adjustable Living Room Chandelier: Create your own chandelier silhouette with this highly adjustable design. Because every configuration is somewhat linear, this chandelier is best suited for living rooms or living room seating areas that boast a more rectangular shape.

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Apiales 9-Light Living Room Chandelier: Reminiscent of a bouquet, the beautiful Apiales 9-light chandelier features a grouping of mouth-blown glass bulbs perched on arms that are bundled at the center. This striking Nuura design measures at just over 23 inches in diameter and 15 inches in height.

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Blown Glass Living Room Statement Chandelier: The ethereal Boheme Chandelier by Leucos is handcrafted from blown glass supported by a radiant chrome structure, every reflective surface serving to amplify its luminescence. Choose between eight and twelve light configurations.

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Normann Copenhagen Amp Chandelier: Designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen, the iconic Amp chandelier offers traditional intricacy with a decidedly contemporary twist. This dramatic statement chandelier requires 35 bulbs, each guarded by one of Legald’s iconic Amp shades.

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Modern Black Sputnik Chandelier: Chandeliers with linear silhouettes are ideal for minimalistic living room themes. This modern living room chandelier features six lights, each attached to a squared metal rod arranged in a starburst pattern.

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Concorde Living Room Chandelier: The striking Regina Andrew Concorde chandelier features three wing-like cylinders finished in blackened steel, the gold-leaf interior lending warmth to the quality of light it emits. Each one includes a variety of downrod lengths allowing a customized experience for even the tallest ceilings.

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Black and Brass Living Room Chandelier: Clean lines give this chandelier a sharp modern look while radiant brass finishes provide a pop of luxurious contrast. This gorgeous 8-light chandelier utilizes eco-friendly LEDs for lower energy costs. At 33 inches across, this chandelier is suitable for medium to large living rooms.

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Versailles Black Chandelier: Contemporary design star Jonathan Adler introduces a bold modern take on neoclassical candelabra chandeliers with this beautiful statement piece. Torch-shaped details support the sockets, each bulb capped with a sophisticated shade to provide an atmospheric quality of light. Choose from five color options.

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Shaded Circle Chandelier for Living Room: Frosted diffusers soften the quality of light from this wagon wheel chandelier, each shade surrounded by a clear glass cylinder for added visual dimension. This piece measures at just over 25 inches in diameter to suit living rooms or seating areas that fall on the more compact side.

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Modo Living Room Statement Chandelier: Modo is an iconic statement chandelier perfect for interior themes that emphasize geometric elements. Choose between a 10-bulb or 15-bulb design, each one equipped with hand-blown glass globes in a sophisticated amber hue.

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Foscarini Caboche Living Room Chandelier: Designed by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto for Italian lighting house Foscarini, the beautiful Caboche Chandelier has quickly become a modern classic. This iconic design is made with beautiful polycarbonate spheres that enhance and amplify the light, glimmering and gleaming from every point of observation. This piece offers the sophistication of genuine crystal without the heavy weight.

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A-Tube Multi-Light Chandelier: Designed to flatter even the tallest ceilings, the innovative A-Tube chandelier offers exquisite flexibility. Clear polycarbonate diffusers allow each pinpoint of light to shine brightly without overwhelming intensity.

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Shaded Living Room Crystal Chandelier: Shaded chandeliers are ideal for living rooms that require gentle ambient lighting. This gorgeous design puts a modern spin on the crystal chandelier concept, with its faceted beads dripping down from beneath a smooth black drum shade. Thin wires give this piece a weightless look, ideal for unconventional placements like corners or along walls.

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Jonathan Adler Polly Living Room Chandelier: Rather than traditional shades, the Polly six-light chandelier utilizes slim acrylic panels to soften and diffuse the light. Choose from two colorways – classic smoky amber and gold, or bright modern sky blue and white. This design measures at just over 23 inches in diameter.

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Regina Andrew Talon Living Room Chandelier: The bold Talon chandelier boasts an impressive 51 inch width to distribute light evenly even within the largest living spaces, while its shallow horizontal plane ensures compatibility with lower ceilings. Choose from three finish options to suit a wide variety of decor themes.

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5-Arm Shaded Living Room Chandelier: The striking Jane chandelier draws inspiration from retro mid-century influences, made with adaptable modern applications in mind. Elongated arms cast a wide range of illumination while maintaining a shallow depth to suit shorter ceilings.


Black and Gold Sputnik Chandelier for Living Room: The compressed sputnik-inspired shape of this chandelier makes it suitable for ceilings short or tall. Equip with ten of your favorite E26 base bulbs – consider using Edison style bulbs for a warmer and gentler quality of light. Choose from two finish options.

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Caracas 16-Light Living Room Chandelier: Caracas is a brilliant Jonathan Adler chandelier that incorporates inspiration from a variety of eras, from mid-century mod to luxuriant art deco. This piece measures at just over 37 inches across, with a minimum drop of 36 inches from the ceiling. Use to provide ambient lighting and directed downward lighting all in one attractive statement chandelier.

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Small Living Room Chandelier for Low Ceiling: Semi-flush mount chandeliers like this one are a fantastic choice for lower ceilings, providing all the glamour of a chandelier with a shorter drop length. This piece boasts 25 inches in diameter with a shallow 13 inch drop. Equip with your favorite candelabra style bulbs up to 40W max.

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Pirouette Wooden Chandelier: Pirouette is a dramatic statement chandelier that combines swirled white glass, richly grained walnut wood, and antique brass details. The balanced form is inspired by ballet and the silhouette looks just as elegant. This piece measures at 59 inches from top to bottom, requiring a high ceiling for installation.

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Glass Globe Living Room Chandelier: Slim, arching arms give this chandelier a playful contemporary look. Each bulb is shaded with a seeded glass globe, the bulbs facing downward for directed illumination. This piece measures at 33 inches across.

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Brass 9-Light Downrod Chandelier: Exquisitely thin arms make this candelabra-style chandelier an especially subtle accent well-suited to streamlined interior decor themes. Choose between nickel or brass finishes to best suit your decor.

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Small Living Room Corner Chandelier: Are you looking for a chandelier to fill a supplementary role within your lighting configuration? This orb-shaped chandelier maintains a compact size ideal for accent placements. Hang above a small table, in a corner, or alongside a reading chair.

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Gold Living Room Crystal Chandelier: Gold finishes and faceted glass crystals combine to give this chandelier an especially radiant, eye-catching aesthetic that abounds with glamour. This piece measures at 24 inches in diameter to suit smaller living rooms or lower ceilings. Use to complement modern and traditional decor themes alike.

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Pulegoso Glass Living Room Chandelier: Pulegoso is a glassworking technique that traps tiny air bubbles within glass to create an opaque appearance. This gorgeous Jonathan Adler design features 88 individual pieces of this special glass, creating a dramatic and eye-catching statement within any interior theme. This large chandelier weighs 100 pounds and requires professional installation.

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Extra Large Sputnik Chandelier for High Ceiling: The aptly-named Giant Sputnik Chandelier by Jonathan Adler is proportioned to adorn the largest living rooms. This piece is available in sophisticated brass and radiant polished nickel, both options offering a playful twist on a classic Atomic Age aesthetic.

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Brass 16-Light Living Room Chandelier: Satin brash finishes and miniature globe bulbs give this living room chandelier an understated modern aesthetic perfect for contemporary decor themes. This design provides upward and downward facing illumination to provide functional everyday lighting for living spaces.

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Modern Gold Living Room Chandelier: With its highly adjustable wire suspension system, this 20-light chandelier can be hung at the level of your choice – ideal for low and high ceilings alike. This piece is available in a black or bronze finish to suit a wide variety of decor themes.

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Large Opal and Brass Living Room Chandelier: Abernathy is a dramatic chandelier equipped with 20 etched glass globe shades, the uplight and downlight configuration providing consistent lighting for functional living spaces. This piece is finished in aged brass for timeless appeal. Use to complement mid-century, contemporary, and transitional interior themes.

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Glass Globe Chandelier for Low Ceiling: Five frosted glass globes soften and diffuse the light to make this chandelier a calm and welcoming addition to any living room. This chandelier measures at just 24 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height, ideal for smaller living spaces and rooms with low ceilings.

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Shaded Living Room Chandelier: Chic sophisticated shades lend a classic element to the otherwise contemporary silhouette of this beautiful living room chandelier. Use to provide gentle lighting above a seating area. This piece measures at 27 inches in diameter and just over 24 inches in height. Chain suspension makes it easy to adjust the height to suit your ceiling.

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Gold Contemporary Living Room Chandelier: With an ultra-refined silhouette, this lightweight chandelier offers subtle elegance for living rooms – perfect for minimalistic spaces with delicate decor themes. This piece measures at 36 inches in diameter and requires six E12 base bulbs.

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Honey Gold Living Room Chandelier: Intricate framing allows this large chandelier to stand as a work of art. This piece measures at 40 inches in width to suit large living spaces, the body finished in a brushed honey gold for a sense of subtle luxury. Equip with six candelabra style bulbs.

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Modern Crystal Chandelier for Living Room: Thick, faceted crystal panels give this chandelier irresistible glitz to satisfy even the most indulgent decorative tastes. This piece maintains a small footprint at just 33 inches across but makes a tremendous statement that sparkles from every angle.

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Crown Major Two-Story Living Room Chandelier: The dramatic Crown pendant chandelier is a true statement piece by German design duo Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub. This fixture is exquisitely crafted in every detail, from the sand-blown opal glass diffusers to the perfectly balanced aluminum body. The scale of this piece would work best within a double-height living room.

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Gardenia Floral Living Room Chandelier: Lend a touch of floral elegance to your living room lighting theme with the sophisticated Gardenia chandelier, handcrafted from iron and coconut for a whimsical and organic look. This dramatic design measures at 38 inches in diameter to suit large living rooms and high ceilings.

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White Antler Living Room Chandelier: Beautifully cast resin antlers give this chandelier a whimsical rustic appearance well-suited for interior themes like farmhouse, cottage chic, lodge, and more. This piece measures at a conservative 30 inches in width, also available in black and brown colorways.

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Gabby Farmhouse Living Room Chandelier: The gorgeous Clay chandelier is a GABBY design that pairs distressed wood details with silky matte gold finishes for the perfect balance of rustic and glam. This piece would look fantastic interior themes like farmhouse, French country, coastal, and more.

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French Farmhouse Chandelier for Living Room: A French country silhouette meets distressed industrial and rustic finishes to ensure this gorgeous chandelier will flatter a wide range of interior styles. This piece measures at 36 inches in width and requires six candelabra-base lightbulbs.

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Beaded Boho Living Room Chandelier: A cascade of small white beads tumble from one twine-wrapped hoop to the next. Use this playful macrame-inspired design to complement nature-inspired interior themes like coastal and boho-chic.

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Beaded Farmhouse Living Room Chandelier: Beaded details give this farmhouse chandelier a whimsical bohemian look. This piece measures at just 28 inches across to suit smaller living room layouts. Equip with nine E12 base bulbs to provide gentle but effective lighting.

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Rustic Orb Chandelier for Living Room: This compact six-light chandelier is surrounded by intricate framing to create an orb-like silhouette, ideal for accent placements like corners and above living room tables. This piece measures at just over 20 inches in width and 26 inches in height.

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Rustic Sputnik Chandelier for Living Room: Bold wooden planks and matte black finishes make this fixture a cool rustic-industrial take on the retro sputnik chandelier. Equip with six of your favorite Edison-style bulbs.

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Modern Farmhouse Chandelier for High Ceiling: The rustic wagon wheel chandelier concept is given a glamorous update with this dramatic double-height design. This piece features two layers of candelabra-style fixtures. This chandelier measures at 40 inches in width and has a minimum hanging height of 56 inches, requiring tall or vaulted living room ceilings.

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Burnished Silver Traditional Chandelier for Living Room: Brushed grey coloration makes this sophisticated chandelier especially versatile, easy to coordinate with a wide range of interior decor themes. This dramatic design requires six candelabra bulbs and measures at just over 27 inches in diameter.

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Bronze Crystal Chandelier for Living Room: Hundreds of clear glass balls and crystal teardrops lend radiant, dynamic glimmer to this eight-light chandelier by Crystorama. Bronze-finished framing lends a warm look with endless coordination possibilities.

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Living Room Chandelier Ceiling Fan: Elegance and functionality meet in this creative chandelier and ceiling fan combination. The transparent fan blades hide neatly away between uses, only visible when the fan functionality is engaged.

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