51 Aesthetic Bedrooms To Inspire Your Next Dreamy Decor Scheme

This collection of deeply aesthetic bedroom designs are sure to fill you with inspiration for your next dreamy decor scheme. There is something here for everyone, from cool white minimalist spaces and clean abstract bedroom interiors to earthy botanical bedroom designs and rustic hideaways. We’ll discover a plethora of novel headboard wall ideas, beautiful bedsteads and accompanying bedroom furniture, as well as bedroom lighting inspiration and creative layouts for unusual floor plans. Bedroom decor is important in many ways, whether you are carving out a restful place for relaxation or a personal space in which to revel in your true style, this is an area in which to push boundaries and be bold.

Visualizer: Sergey Makhno Architects  

Steeped in entrancing texture, this nomad bedroom design is warmed through with rich earth tones. Low relief artwork extrudes from a red clay headboard feature wall to create unique art above the bed.

Visualizer: Yana Prydalna  

Big and beautiful, oversized bedroom pendant lights create an attention grabbing statement in a relaxed bohemian bedroom. A large macramé wall hanging makes ideal decoration between.

A bedroom lounge area sets up a functional and luxurious addition. These two bedroom chairs are the bedroom chairs
Easy chair designed by Pierre Jeanneret. You can see more images of this gorgeous Turkish villa here.

Visualizer: móto Design  

Japanese vibes exude from a floor bed design and accompanying indoor plants. A feature wall of rugged rock face and a zen courtyard intensify the look.

Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects  

Another dramatic rockface feature wall contrasts with this smooth bedroom decor scheme, where wood effect panels clad the remainder of the modern space and matching beige upholstery wraps the floor bed.

Visualizer: NI.acki  

Botanical beauty abounds here, with indoor plants and sweeping garden views. Natural materials furnish the space to complement Mother Nature’s own palette.

Visualizer: OFFICE4 Architects  

A meld of Mother Nature and modernism. This plant kissed bedroom design features a floor to ceiling headboard feature with three-dimensional modern abstract tiling and climbing ivy.

Visualizer: Diego Drews  

Cool concrete and warming wood tone. A concrete coffered ceiling makes a weighty crown for a light oak and white-walled decor scheme. A built-in bench seat threads a line of pillowed comfort alongside the bed.

Visualizer: Nina Semenkova  

Neoclassical, pale and serene. Modern pendant lights echo classical window arches in this elegant neoclassical bedroom design, which draws the eye up toward deeply decorative crown moulding.

Visualizer: Korry Chan  

Carve out curves. Shapely render takes away sharp edges and jarring outlines to smooth a delicately dreamy border. A perfect accompaniment for arched windows and modern arched furniture.

Visualizer: Maurício Coelho  

Light and laconic. Microcement ceilings melt into coordinating walls that flood into the floor and matching bedsides here, moulding one continuous, peaceful meld.

Visualizer: Katerina Shahmanova  

Overlapping wooden planes build a bespoke headboard with modern rustic vibes. Elongated mini pendant lights drip metallic accents low over contoured bedside tables.

Visualizer: Jasmin Kodzha  

Wooden walls and warm lighting. This fully wood clad bedroom design is lit with an eye-catching modern chandelier at its centre, whilst mini wall sconces and bedside table lamps provide task lighting and backlit bookshelves brightly illuminate a bedroom workspace.

Visualizer: Shahan Saheed  

Floating wardrobes and decorative shelving. This serene bedroom is furnished with a wall of wardrobes that are cut through with a decorative recessed shelf nook. The fragmented design gives the full storage wall a lighter look and provides opportunity to display accessories or treasured items.

Visualizer: Oktobianto DP  

Rounded decor shapes a welcoming aesthetic, from rounded bed frames and racetrack shaped mirrors to curved dressing tables and desks.

Visualizer: iMax Studio  

Bright colour and botanicals paint a tropical appeal. Neoclassical details balance out the fun factor with a sophisticated air.

Visualizer: Lera Brumina  

Mid-century modern lines fashion a laid back look with a dash of panache. Muted colours move away from the mundanity of pale neutrals whilst maintaining a sense of calm.

Visualizer: Hamed Hosseinpour  

Breezy blue accents and sand coloured design elements evoke memories of coastal adventures and lazy days at the beach.

Visualizer: Viktoria Shvachka  

Olive green and terracotta shades team with an abstract feature wall in this arty bedroom. Classic panel moulding builds a smart surround.

Visualizer: Konstantin Kupreev  

Three-dimensional tiles create an extruded effect across this feature wall. LED strips highlight the walls texture and depth from the ceiling line. The upholstered headboard has been lengthened to fill the width of the room for a fully fitted, streamlined effect.

Visualizer: Applicata studio  

Grey, gold and modestly glamorous. This elegant modern bedroom design is textured with a fashionably fluted wall covering, whilst gleaming gold pendant lights hang like jewellery on either side.

Visualizer: Alex Arkhipov  

Render a restful microcement refuge. A smooth swathe of microcement is not only restful on the eye but takes away the need for paint touch-ups.

Visualizer: ON Design  

Meditate under a mandala. This low relief mandala wall sculpts out a zen spot for peace and reflection, in the comfort of a pillowy soft upholstered bed frame.

Visualizer: Aleksandra Nuzhnaya  

A boho style bedroom instils a worldly, well-travelled aesthetic through tribal rugs used as either floor coverings or wall hangings and plentiful tropical plants to feather the edges of the layout.

Visualizer: Alesya Kasianenko  

Serene circles and collected curves. A huge globe pendant light hovers like a full moon from a domed ceiling rose. A round bed reflects the outline of the rose, whilst a circular rug, ottoman and racetrack-panelled headboard accentuate the curved shape theme.

Visualizer: Artem Trigubchak  

Black and white accents make simple accompaniments to a mid-century modern bedroom, adding bold contrast.

Visualizer: Artem Trigubchak  

Another black and white emboldened scheme, this crisp bedroom design gains added punch from a piece of dominating abstract wall art.

Visualizer: Butterfly Studio  

Reflect and reinforce. A large mirror will reflect a statement bedroom chandelier, doubling its effect. This round mirror also reflects in the colour of accent artwork on the opposite wall.

Designer: ArtPartner Studio  
Visualizer: Illya Kovalchuk  

Bridges and banding. Fluted banding bridges over the upholstered bed here to create an effective wraparound that contrasts against a raw concrete ceiling treatment.

Visualizer: SK Interiors  

Indulge in high-end wallpapers without breaking the bank by fashioning framed wallpaper panels. This bird and botanical print makes a graceful addition to either side of a stylish contoured headboard.

Visualizer: DE&DE Studio  

Gorgeous greys. Charcoal and shades of pewter create areas of light and shade in this moody bedroom decor scheme. A modern linear suspension light illuminates the darker section of the room, where it highlights a pair of tiered side tables.

Visualizer: Miroslav Laurov  

Creative contours. These unique wooden wall panels feature a cracked, contoured surface effect. Cosy throws add ripples across the bed and an end of bed bench.

Visualizer: Ngọc Thủy  

Give neoclassical elegance a colourful twist with modern colour blocking. The crash of decor styles causes a cool juxtaposition that works effectively behind an understated neutral bedstead.

Visualizer: Gray Vision  

Dots and dashes. Spotted wallpaper and round lights dot this bedroom layout along a dash of black industrial piping, which adds an individual edge.

Visualizer: Prosvirin Design  

Blush pink and plump pattern. Rose gold accessories complement blush pink elements in this uniquely detailed boudoir with a plump, patterned feature wall.

Visualizer: Innoi Design  

Indoor plants create a garden view, even in the big city. Metallic gold planters add a rich light-reflective lustre.

Visualizer: Luklak Interior Design  

Yellow decor accents replicate the sunshine on a grey day. Oak effect furniture lines a white bedroom with warmth and subtle texture.

Visualizer: 小主 小主  

Banks of burgundy and green create a rich clash. A tower of tall green shelving balances out long green drapes in this room, whilst a wall hung headrest ties in with the wardrobes and vanity stool.

Designer: MS Design Studio  

This yellow interior design carries a tribal appeal. Painted plates offer a colourful contribution above the bedside table.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen  

Concentric circles and creative lighting. Low relief panels appear like snapshots of raindrop splashed puddles behind unique dual-ended light fixtures.

Visualizer: Alesya Kasianenko  

Etched, glassy walls cause light reflections across this cool bedroom design, where a sleek white floor bed design is lit by a quirky Star Wars themed lamp.

Visualizer: Catherine Amato  

The wonders of wood are boundless. This spacious bedroom design is styled with a custom-cut headboard that travels the length of the room and merges into a desk design in front of the window. A bespoke wooden bookcase neighbours wood slatted closet doors, and handcrafted woodwork provides art over the bed.

Visualizer: Ahmed Alaa  

Feathery final touches. Dried white pampas grass makes a soft bedside adornment, whilst a feathered pendant light shade adds soft illumination at the opposite side.

Visualizer: Giorgos Tataridis  

Faux brickwork panels and a concrete create an industrial bedroom. Glamorous gold light fixtures and a sophisticated wingback chair take the look upmarket.

Source: Ivy Muse  

Whitewashed brickwork, slimline furniture and a plethora of plants make up a tranquil minimalist bedroom. Blush pink accents add a hint of sweet warmth.

Visualizer: Pavel Pisanko  

Black and white pattern and light oak elements form a crisp Scandinavian bedroom decor scheme. A Scandi style rocking chair completes the look.

Visualizer: Horizon Render Vizualization Studio  

Mesh modern and traditional elements for a trendy transitional bedroom design. Mustard and gold elements elegantly enrich a misty grey backdrop.

Visualizer: Archiplastica  

Industrialist style with a touch of art. A creative geometric wall feature interrupts this concrete bedroom, where an LED ribbon adds cosy illumination.

Visualizer: Tomas Sciskala  

Exposed wooden beams in vaulted ceilings easily lend themselves to a rustic bedroom design.

Visualizer: Stanislav Borozdinskiy  

This white floor bed design smooths into the matching white flooring like spilled milk.

Designer: Hadi Teherani architects  
Visualizer: xoio  

Is there anything dreamier than gazing at the stars?

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