40 Red Couch Living Rooms With Tips And Ideas To Design Around The Color

Red is a bold and commanding colorway for any piece of furniture but particularly for the largest piece in the living room: the couch. In this gallery of 40 inspirational modern home interiors, we take a look at how to decorate living room with red couch. We’ll discover how to create balance with such a vibrant element and ways in which to complement the aesthetic. This collection of living room designs illustrates striking decor schemes that build dark drama around a red sofa, light lounge areas with uplifting impact, red-infused rustic interiors, boho-style sitting rooms, and contemporary minimalist layouts with colorful wow factor.

Visualizer: Tamizo  

Fashion a color-blocked landing spot. Situate a red sectional sofa around the edges of a red living room rug in a cozy conversational arrangement. Finish the ensemble with a red coffee table at the center of the space to create one solid color block.

Visualizer: Kvadrat Studio  

Elevate your statement sofa with color-matched wall art. This approach is particularly effective with oversized pieces of art in a high-ceilinged home.

Photographer: Nickolas Sargent  
Source: Douglas Elilman  

Make it fun. Instead of neutralizing the vibrancy of your statement sofa, layer on even more color with rainbow scatter cushions and an equally fun living room rug.

Designer: Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects  

A red couch is a perfect choice for rooms with a lush landscape view. The red colorway provides rich contrast with a green panorama.

Designer: Jamie Bush & Co.  

Dilute your bright red accent into a soft pink feature wall. Taking inspiration from the red sofa design in this living room, a diluted pink gallery wall has been fashioned. A large area rug ties in with the punchy black and white prints.

Designer: Co-direction Design  

Choose a boxy modular sofa to create an abstract living room design. Add stark black accent pieces to outline and anchor the scheme, and a splash of metallic gold for a luxurious final touch.

Designer: Balbek Bureau  

Elevate a red couch upon a platform floor to fashion a floating island of color. This example creates an explosion of color within a raw industrial setting.

Visualizer: Danielle Nagel  

Complement a red couch with a feature wall of color-matched pattern. Add green botanical contrast to conjure boho vibes.

Designer: LLI Design   

Follow the leader. Let your red sofa lead the decor palette as the strongest piece in a predominantly white room. The living room rug and wall art should contain fine details in the same hue whilst keeping the impact light.

Source: Ikea  

Wine red sofas offer a rich infusion of color that is easily balanced by muted blush tones and warm beige backdrops.

Visualizer: On Design  

Another wine red couch living room, this time surrounded by champagne gold accents for a flash of luxe.

Photographer: Prachi Damle Photography  

Balance out your red sofa with an equally colorful counterpart, like this red curved sofa and yellow tufted couch pairing.

Visualizer: Mushan Jin  

In this red curved sofa living space, a gray counterpart creates a dark mirror image across a round rug.

Source: Ikea  

All-in color zoning. The sofa, rug, artwork, and wall color all pool together to make a riot of red that zones this living room area from an equally color-blocked yellow bedroom space.

Designer: In Situ Design and Lilian B Interiors  

Add nuggets of complementary color. These recessed shelving nooks offer a fun opportunity for painting splashes of matching red paintwork around a statement sofa.

Visualizer: Ricardo Tohme  

Use red couches to shape a warm border. Large living rooms will benefit from the cozy color-banding of three matching red sofas arranged in a U-shaped layout. In this living room, a neat runner and red decorative vases are utilized to complete a full circuit.

Designer: Axis Mundi  

Pattern a red couch living room with pulses of matching color.

Visualizer: K Miklas  

Roll with red retro vibes.

Visualizer: Yara Medhat  

In this red couch boho living room, mixed tapestries create a rich density of pattern.

Photographer: Gaël Lesure  

Let the red decor theme flow from a red couch in tonal variations, like this beautiful patchwork rug design.

Designer: Desiron Lizon  

Use a red couch to place interest at the end of a long narrow space.

Visualizer: Alesya Kasianenko  

A muted red couch makes a grounding element for a busy eclectic living room.

Visualizer: A & L Interior Design  

Set up special moments around your red couch in a matching color tone. In this home, a patterned red backsplash and feature shelving make a small kitchen pop.

Visualizer: Prodiz  

Write your own color story. A dual-color sectional sofa arrangement gives you the opportunity to get creative with your living space. Use colorful shelf inserts to complement the look.

Designer: Kateryna Sokolova  

Neutralize a large red couch or a line of multiple red sofas with a counterbalancing gray or beige counterpart. Tie the two together by placing a simple red throw or accent cushion on the neutral seating.

Designer: Coy Yiontis  

Add a rush of rainbow stripes. A vertically striped wall behind this low, red tufted sofa design helps draw the eye up.

Visualizer: Myka Design  

Muted red and green sofas make a mellow mix.

Architect: Nika Vorotyntseva  

Choose red electrical wiring for a statement lighting piece to draw the couch color outwards.

Visualizer: Lanre Alao  

Raw concrete makes a cooling base for a bespoke red couch design, as illustrated in this aesthetic living room.

Visualizer: Olena Hodlevska  

Add bonus black elements to give your red living room scheme visual weight.

Designer: ACM Interiors  

Wall paint with a whisper of gray provides a subtly shaded base for bright accent furniture.

Visualizer: Hatch Studio  

Even a small sofa makes a big impact under a dark red hue. Pool the color underneath with a matching round rug.

Visualizer: One Tone Architects  

A black living room receives a burst of energy from a modern red sofa design.

Visualizer: Jonathan Nicholson  

Another black and red living room design, this time with a classic Chesterfield sofa design.

Visualizer: K&B partners  

Build layers of warmth with red accents behind the living room sofa.

Visualizer: K Band  

Solid red upholstery helps anchor a central seating spot.

Visualizer: DAR Architects  

Create a cozy corner with an L-shaped red couch, a color-matched curtain, and a perpendicular stripe of red wall paint.

Designer: Terada Hirate Sekkei  

Sprinkle red accents throughout an open plan living space to complement your sofa.

Visualizer: MV+  

Dark red sofas gain a gothic spirit amongst opulent black and gilded decor.

Designer: Eero Saarinen  
Photographer: Ezra Stoller  

A conversation pit makes an uber cozy landing spot for family and friends, which is only enhanced by the vibrancy of red upholstery. Add a wide assortment of scatter cushions to achieve a relaxed look.

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